Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The future of products and marketing go hand in hand. The success of a product almost never depends on the rational reasoning for purchasing it, but on the success of the marketing. This is because when we buy things, we use the right side of our brain, which is the side that responds to emotions. One future product, known as the Violet uses ubiquitous computing as a revolutionary means at enhancing the ability of the web and communications. It’s a very difficult idea to sell to people and it most certainly will have to permeate the culture through early adopters, before it becomes as common as the computer, which it certainly has the potential to do, albeit maybe not in it’s current form. That is why it will need a unique marketing approach including such techniques, but not limited to creating a culture around the brand as well as under the radar or viral marketing.

The product can tell you just about anything that can be found through the use of the internet. From telling you how many unread emails you have to finding out when your husband or wife left work, it almost has that “machines taking over humans” vibe to it. The culture to create around the brand wouldn’t try to hide the fears people have about a product like this, but to amplify them. Regardless of what people’s moral qualms with the product are, there will be many early adopters of the product. The types of people who would purchase it would be the usual types of early adopters- people who buy the latest technology no matter what the price. Once it gets holding and hopefully positive reactions by these early adopters, we lower the price and allow for it to catch on in the mainstream.

The best way to get early adopters is to get them hyped up and following a product for a long period of time. The best way to start this type of interest is via viral or under the radar marketing. Pay money to place unique types of advertising on popular Internet websites or make unique teaser websites as well. The best types of this marketing are done when you can get people to obsess over the marketing itself. Great examples of this used recently were for the Halo 2 and 3 video games and the movie Cloverfield. They both got these early adopters to build hype and even got the mainstream to get interested before the product launches. For something as revolutionary in a cultural aspect, a product like the Violet will have to most likely stay and early-adopted product for at least 6 months before the average family will adopt it.

There are potentially many ways to go about marketing this product. Potentially by the time this product is released there will be cultural stepping-stones that allow people to accept a product like this quicker. The marketing once it reaches the main stream could easily be focused on home owners. An ad could show off a feature that shows the product knowing that the son or daughter arrived safely at school, or the Violet could tell you that you ran out of milk and Stop N Shop only has three galloons of milk left. The amount of uses for this product as well as potential marketing is simply endless.